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As legislators and the Governor work towards a final 2010-11 state budget this week, newspapers are reporting that the education budget will be about $100 million less than projected.

(Learn more about the budget on the Education Law Center's Budget 2010 page - includes a press release, summary, and analysis of the education budget)

Many school districts have been creating their 2010-11 budgets with the expectation that they will receive their formula-based share of a $354 million increase.  Even with that increase, budgets were tight and local property taxes have increased while teaching positions and educational programs are cut.

Now that the increase will be less than expected, how will your local district be affected?  Will there be more layoffs, or cuts in programs? 

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Please keep me updated.
I don't think there is any questions that there will be cuts. Some districts have already made cuts as they have spent all their stimulus money. It is a challenge for districts as we expect more and more of them to provide best practices and help ALL children to receive FAPE. It will be more and more important for districts to use research to determine which programs are helping our children receive FAPE and which are not.

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